MerchGlobal is a multi-national that’s revolutionizing branded merchandise and uniform programs. Our trademarked methodology focuses on strategy, creativity, and results, driving a tangible return on investment for our clients.

MerchGlobal was born when like-minded businesses sharing the same mission came together to discuss their common interests, successes, and visions. The idea… a global organization to support clients in achieving their visions for creating brand engagement was born! Since then, MerchGlobal has expanded its base and distribution, growing from a great concept to a Global Identity.

Our Streamlined Process & Methodology


BRAND Creativity

ENGAGE Results

The ability to create brand engagement determines an organization’s success. At MerchGlobal, our simple streamlined process removes complexities while focusing on creativity to deliver that engagement.


We think in terms of strategy, results, and return on investment. Right from the start, we ask enough questions to fully understand your business goals, and then translate that into an individually tailored solution that is as unique as your business.


Working with you, we then devote the creative talent of our team to design merchandise that unlocks the true potential of your brand. Understanding uniforms and merchandise, we continually push boundaries to imagine new ways to capture the power of your brand.


It’s all about creating a connection with your target audience. It’s about delivering impact and engagement through merchandise and uniforms that people actually want. It’s about creating the emotion, the commitment, and the loyalty to your brand.