Brand Control

Our clients spend a lot of money developing their brand’s recognition. Our BrandHawk team ensures their brand integrity is preserved.

Brand Consistency

By issuing detailed brand guidelines, organizations are often confident that their brand is being correctly and consistently represented. Unfortunately, time and again the evidence in merchandise and uniforms shows otherwise. When performing new client audits, we often find varying interpretations, incorrect colors, inaccurate placement, and even former logos remaining in use.

Brand Control

We’ve created BrandHawk, a team that is responsible for the integrity of our clients’ brands. The BrandHawk team has developed processes and training systems to ensure our Designers and Account Managers thoroughly understand and adhere to your Brand Guidelines. Our BrandHawk team convenes every quarter to maintain and manage the integrity of our clients’ brands. BrandHawk….a concept so important to us, that our CEO sits on this panel.

Brand Creativity

Brand consistency and control does not have to kill creativity. Check out our portfolio….we work with some of the world’s top brands to bring them all three.