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MerchGlobal has developed an industry leading cloud-based turnkey solution, to give our clients the control and analytic intelligence they require over their entire merchandise and uniform programs. Сentralized management of everything from your logos and print material to your branded safety clothing MerchCentre™ has you covered.

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MerchCentre™ brings our clients the control and insight they require to run their programs effectively and efficiently. MerchCentre™ revolutionizes managing merchandise budgets and product allocations across different users, departments, divisions, and even countries. MerchCentre™ allows our clients to set different admin and product access levels to determine who can access what. MerchCentre™ does so much more….and above all is customizable to your special and unique requirements designed to put you in control!

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“It’s so Fast and Simple”

A sophisticated, highly flexible, cloud-based solution that is simple to use is no longer a paradox!

User intuitive and easy to understand, our clients enjoy the time they save having a solution that streamlines this part of their job! From simply redeeming your uniform allocation, ordering the products you need for your next event, to managing the integrated complexities of the full merchandise and uniform program, MerchCentre™ is designed with your ease in mind!

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Data & Reporting

Knowledge is power: MerchCentre™ provides you with the intelligence and detailed reporting capabilities you need.

With a wide variety of key reports available at any time, combined with the ability to create exactly the custom report you need, MerchCentre™ has positioned you to be the hero!