Engagement & Recognition

MerchPerformance™ is an effective Employee Recognition and Engagement Program, refining healthy workplace ethos and stimulating employee commitment to your brand.

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In addition to reinventing the traditional years-of-service programs, we have pushed the entire boundaries of staff recognition.

Using our proprietary MerchPerformance™ software, organizations can build engagement programs that focus on the powers of positive reinforcement and reward achievers with a selection of merchandise that employees actually want!

We see our clients using this program to reward and recognize employees for demonstrating safety, company values, performance goals, and much more.

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Easy & Powerful

MerchPerformance™ allows users to instant reward or nominate employees with points which then can be redeemed for the company merchandise they want!
Your company-branded merchandise becomes synonymous with the culture of achievement. It’s simple, winners wear merch! What more can a great brand ask for?!

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Analytics Intelligence

Would you like more information on which staff members are engaged with your organizations performance goals, values, etc.?
MerchPerformance™ analytics provide you with unique insight as to who’s engaged, what values they are demonstrating and how they are performing.