Engagement & Recognition

CogPerformanceTM is an effective Employee Recognition Program, refining healthy workplace ethos and stimulating employee commitment.

CogPerformanceTM Recognition

In addition to traditional years-of-service programs, we have pushed the boundaries of staff recognition.

Using our proprietary CogPerformanceTM software, organizations are able to build engagement programs that focus on positive reinforcement.

We see our clients using this program to reward and recognize employees for demonstrating safety, company values, performance goals, and more.

Easy & Powerful

Good employees appreciate and deserve gratitude and recognition. CogPerformanceTM makes it easy. The program allows users to create a nomination that can either be automatically approved, or else it can be sent to the nominee’s manager for approval. Get your staff engaged with your organizational goals and create a culture of positive reinforcement. CogPerformanceTM is powerful!

Analytics Intelligence

Would you like more information on which staff members are engaged with your organizations performance goals, values, etc.? Then you will find our analytics incredibly valuable. Our analytics provide you with unique incite as to who is engaged, what values they are demonstrating and how they are performing.