Custom Online MerchCenter TM

MerchGlobalTM has developed an advanced cloud-based turn key solution to give our customers control and analytics intelligence


MerchCenterTM brings our clients the control and transparency they require. MerchCenterTM helps by managing merchandise budgets and uniform allocations across users, departments, divisions, and countries. MerchCenterTM allows clients to set access levels to determine who can access what. MerchCenterTM also helps maintain inventory levels ensuring there is not too much or too little inventory. MerchCenterTM does much more….and is customizable to your requirements.

“It’s so Simple and Fast”

A sophisticated cloud-based solution that is simple to use, highly flexible, and open for business at all times.

Backed by our on-phone support – that’s correct, we don’t ask you to send an email so we can respond later. Our customer service team is available by phone – we take calls from anyone accessing your store who requires assistance.

Data & Reporting Intelligence

Equally important, it provides you with the controls and detailed reporting capabilities to manage your entire merchandise and uniform program. The user interface and online store appearance is completely customizable and will complement your corporate brand.

MerchCenterTM is the hassle-free, low-overhead, cloud-based solution to make all of your promotional merchandise, marketing material, and incentives available to your constituents.