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Decoration Methods

Bring your look to life!

MerchGlobal continues to invest in cutting edge technology
to bring our customers the latest print solutions for Branded Merchandise


Exclusive to MerchGlobal, FusionX is a cutting-edge decoration method where any artwork can be applied to the transfer paper, which is then placed onto the fabric. Using a heat press machine, the desired graphic is transferred and incorporated directly into the fabric particles of the garment, making this printing method a long-lasting one.

This printing offers:

  • A stable, permanent design that won't crack, fade, or peel
  • A soft and breathable finish
  • Full coloured designs


For a head-turning logo, 3XD is the method to implement. It's the process of rendering a company logo into a 3D clothing decoration. First, the design is digitally processed and innovated to be more dimensional in composition, then further consultation establishes color and finish customizations, and finally, it's transformed into a physical patch that pops and is imprinted into/onto the garment!

With our 3DX clothing decoration methods, we guarantee:

  • Durable patches with lasting adhesive
  • Textured and dimensional logos
  • Choices of finishes (standard, textured, specialty, or metallic)
  • Tons of palette options


Embroidery is a great and popular technique that's used because of its versatility and suitability to all fabrics. From corporate clothing to uniforms, it will always have a very vibrant and professional appearance to elevate your brand. Our embroidery specialists use the most advanced techniques and quality materials, so your items have lasting power and perfect stitch consistency every time.

With our embroidery work, we guarantee:

  • A high-quality finish
  • A stylish and refined look, with colours that catch the eye
  • Clarity and readability, durable outcome
  • Custom placement options


If you're leaning towards an embroidered custom design or logo for your corporate promotional merch, consider elevating it to the appliqué decoration method. This embroidery technique uses both artistic stitchwork and patchwork to create textured and ornamental designs. It is a complex method but is worth the extra commitment. Full-colour designs and lettering can be achieved with laser appliqué and they'll stand out in the crowd.

It's great for:

  • Big central logos (like the ones on college sweatshirts)
  • A multi-dimensional design with texture and patterns
  • Fabrics whose heaviness is compatible with the decoration (leather, fleece, cotton, flannel, etc)
  • Bold, noticeable images

Leather Patch

Our leather patches come in all shapes and sizes and are highly customizable. Based on preference, a base material (genuine or synthetic leather) and hue are chosen. The logo can then be printed, debossed, or embossed (inverted) into the patch for a flat or dimensional texture in a variety of colors. This process is done using screen/UV printing with ink or laser etching/carving out the material itself. Finishing details like subtle stitching can then be added.
Leather provides luxurious and rugged originality to any garment while remaining sturdy. Our synthetic bases are water-resistant and indistinguishable from genuine leather. Both can be embroidered into garments or heat-pressed on.

Our leather patches will be:

  • Long-lasting and tough
  • Top quality materials
  • Easily customizable (leather color, logo color and design, stitching, imprinting style, 3D or flat, size, and attachment)
  • A contrasting design that pops
  • Artfully executed


Crests, much like emblems and patches, can be designed with a variety of methods. Most use an Appliqué/hybrid method, such as embroidery/Merrow bordering on twill cutouts. Often pieces of twill and polyester are layered and sewn together to make the logo and then finished with some embroidery to add dimension and texture to the design composition.
Crest designs can also be printed directly onto the clothing, glued/heat-pressed on as contoured additions, or sewn on. Another method that may be implemented for precise and vibrant images is the dye sublimation/heat transfer printing method, where special digitized dyes can permanently alter the fabric color of the crest patch through heat transfer.

Our crests, no matter the composition, will always be:

  • Refined and precise
  • Widely customizable (styles, colors, designs, textures, size, attachment, material/dye, etc)
  • Eye-catching
  • Expertly crafted and applied
  • Perfectly you!

Screen Print

Screen printing is the most suitable option for large orders, as the application process is tedious and personalized to each order. Thick ink is applied through a stencil to the fabric to create the desired design or image. This special ink sits on top of the fabric and dries to become one with it. It's typically used for simple logos and designs with small palettes and large orders.

The screen printing decoration technique produces:

  • Vibrant, bold images
  • Maximum durability
  • Perfect designs on a variety of fabrics
  • Designs with a moderate amount of colors
  • Fast production

Let's Discover What Decoration Works For You!

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